GRATITUDE JOURNALS or my way of spending a few hours in harmony





image These are 2 of my latest journals I created. I love to loose myself in creating with paper, when I need a few hours to calm down and forgetting….           

I would love to do the ICAD challenge, but need some inspiration and to start tutorials, step by step tutorials or just your ideas and creations tips and tricks. 

I did one card a few days ago, in the dark, before the TV. Theme was rainbows, but I find my card a bit dull. But it is a start, isn’t it? Please send me your ideas and creations . I need to be inspired and motivated.

Thank you so much.

Love and light



FOR MY FRIEND MARIANNE KEIL or please help and donate



This is Marianne Keil.

Shortly after this picture was taken in March 2014 at Erindi Game Reserve, where we have spent a lovely long weekend together, she was diagnosed with leukemia.

From one hour to the other she needed to be flown from Windhoek, Namibia to CapeTown for treatment.

As this wasn’t bad enough at all, while the doctors had to do a smaller operation while putting a stand for the chemo therapies, she observed severe burning wounds, as this was done by laser.

By now she had receive a bone marrow transplant from her brother and she is doing relatively well and will come home, if no other complications will occur, at the beginning of 2015.

Now the family is burdened with huge medical bills, as the medical aid has been depleted long ago.

To help her and her family to cope with the bills, the Cancer Association here in Namibia founded THE MARIANNE KEIL TRUST FUND. Several events have been held so far to raise money for the Fund. But there is still a huge hole to be covered.

I asked myself what I could do to help and raise money and I found a way.

As I am a Reiki healer, Reiki II, and have a website, blog and online shop, I just added A Marianne Keil Special to my online shop. Reiki Healing Information here.

If you want to help and add to the fund here is a way for people around the world to do it.

If you will buy the special for 10.00 dollars, you will receive a distance Reiki healing session for 15 minutes every week until 31.12.2014 via my Reiki Note book, where I already have a few names in and I am sending Reiki Healing to everybody who is written in the book at least every Monday for 15 minute and sometimes more, as I send Reiki to it immediately as soon as I add a new name

I feel this is a really wonderful idea. You will not only do a good deed, but you will even receive something if you donate to the Fund.

I will pay at least 50 % of all money collected through this Marianne Keil Special offer to the Fund and will keep you updated and I will post all transactions or cheques I will pay over to the Fund here on the blog.

Additionally I want to ask you to press it, re- blog and share this post to all your followers and friends.

I suppose there is not one of us out here in the blogging world who does not know a loved one who has or had cancer, or even died of it.  So please help me here, to be a great help to my friend and family by donating.

If you want to donate and receive the Reiki Treatment, please state your name and one word conditions for what you would like the treatment for, e.g. Marianne Keil, Cancer, or financial, or trauma….. and if you do not want to receive Reiki Healing, please also state it and I will contribute the whole amount to the fund.

For all other Reiki Healing sessions on my online shop and also for the one on ones here for Windhoek people, I will donate for all other Treatments bought and booked 50 % to the Marianne Keil Fund.

Want to do something special, a good deed for others and something special for yourself at the same time? Please buy and book a session with me now, as I only have limited appointments per week available.


One more pictures of our trip to Erindi.IMG_2320

Hurry up. Be special all around…..

Love and light






GREAT BOOK of Neale Donald Walsh

This is a link to the new book of Neale Donald Walsh.
I found this link on my fb page and I feel this is worth sharing.
He offers here a few chapters to read into his book.
I will put it on my Christmas wishing list.

Read the free chapters and decide for yourself.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Love and light

Link is not on, as I cannot get it right here on my I pad, will try to get and post the right link via my laptop tomorrow.
Sorry for delay.

I FINALLY DID IT or my passion Reiki and the online store

I finally did it.

I edited my blog into a website and added some pages about Reiki and Distance Reiki healing.

Additionally I opened an online store via Facebook, as I cannot integrate a store on this side  Рyet.


Please be so kind to share this with your friends or just feel free to contact me or comment on the different pages.

I am anticipating your replies.

Thank you for sharing my passion.

Love and Light to all.

Shine on!!!

MY INNER VOICE or trust and believe

Lately I am working a lot more on my iPad. I just downloaded the WordPress app and feel drawn to write a little update.
So let’s see what is new around here.

First of all I am off my Prozac like medication (again…) and it feels great. On Thursday the mark of counting climbed to 2 years and 4 month. Nearly 2 1/2 years,since my son Matthias gained angel wings and I had to give my best every day to survive. It was not easy and we experienced lots of ups and downs, as the followers of my blog can recall. (Any first time readers, please feel free to scroll to my posts and add your lovely comments and if you like what you see, please follow me on my journey)

The all over situation here is more or less ok. I’m feeling a little depleted nowadays, I kind of lost all my zest and energy concerning my job in the kindergarten. I’m trying to figure it out, but cannot come to any solution.
I so thought this job would be the optimal one, a permanent one, my life purpose, the children. Why do I feel I have to move on again? Am I overdoing my motto
“Do what you love / listen to your inner voice” too seriously? Aren’t there situations you should ignore it for the practical issues, like I have a secure income and the working hours and holiday times are very convenient? I’m lost here. What more do I want? Is it only a spur of a moment feeling, because my energy reserves are depleted? Fact is there is a change in management to come, which I am uncomfortable with. Is this a reason to my unhappiness? Is this reason enough to give in? Or should I ignore my inner voice and think reasonable?
Another fact is, my family and some friends would freak out, if I would quit. This is for sure. They have seen me bloom in the last 1 1/2 year since I have started this job. They would not understand it at all and will for sure convince me to stay. This it what makes it so difficult for me. They have seen me happy and content in the last year. It was a huge step back into life for me and I guess also for them. Seeing me being “happy again” must have helped them on their ways too. And I am grateful for that. We deserved that all together after this tragic accident. To finally see a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
But what is the big picture behind all this? The signs and messages I receive from Matthias are that he died to help me on my way. To gain more knowledge about what really is. He died to show me the path to the Universe. To see the truth. To open my narrow minded consciousness. Just like Jesus did. He died for me so that I can rise above the believes we were taught throughout our whole lifetime. Starting the second we were born. And forgetting our true abilities. To forget who we really are, what we really are. Love and light.
This is Matthias’ mission. This was his first message to me, when I turned my unbearable grief towards the Universe via taking Reiki sessions shortly after he died. It didn’t make so much sense then, but I am surely must have been more conscious now to see behind the veil to understand the full meaning of all there is. And I feel obliged to take on Matthias’ offer with all I am.
Actually this erases out all my previous question above. How wonderful writing your thoughts down can turn out. It always amazes me how inspiring writing is. And the immediate messages you are getting afterwards.
Now all makes sense again.
This doesn’t mean that I will quit head over heals now. I have to let patience and time work for me. And I have to trust and believe and remind myself daily to be grateful for all I have. In time the right doors will open for me and I will see new opportunities coming my way abundantly in all 7 areas of my life.
I thank my beloved son Matthias for all he has done for me and for always putting me back on the right tracks. And I thank the Angels for helping me to be patient, which is not my biggest attribute, and to trust my inner voice and never forget to just believe in miracles.

For now,
Love and Light to all of you



A WORD TO MY STEPFATHER or love conquers everything

I feel it is time for another post.
It is maybe the 20th time I am starting a new post, but I am always procrastinating, another coffee, another cigarette ect and then there is no time for it anymore.
Maybe I am also searching for the right words, for something powerful to say. And I guess this time is now.
Recently my stepfather also went back to Germany for good. He never said goodbye to us and usually I would be kind of angry about it, but something in me changed. I am not, ok my husband is, but that is not my monkey, not my circus. Nice saying, I often read this on fb lately and I am trying to use this words to make me feel better, when something occurs, or better say to stay out of negativity.
First of all I want to address my stepfather now, before I explain why I am feeling that something had changed me, my behavior or looking at certain things, situation with different eyes.

I have to do this now for the highest good of all involved, but especially for the healing of myself.
I am not beating around the bush now, I just say what is on my mind, before I procrastinate again.

Dear stepfather

I know that we had our differences in the past and we never came along very well sometimes. But not everything was bad. I remember our little outings through the Stadtwald Lippstadt on Sundays or the walk through the Trim Dich Pfad. Every Sunday we went to visit our grandmother and had coffee and cake at her home. In the evening, when we went home, sometimes we stopped at the Eisdiele and we all got a treat, and sometimes we just stopped at Salvatore and got pommes and Currywurst. This was always a delight for me. Whenever we went shopping on Fridays we kids could spend DM 2 each to buy us some sweets, chips or cool drink. Sometimes when you came home from work you had an surprise egg or Springbrause for us. Just to name a few impressions I remember now. And most of all, we always had a nice roof over our heads, we had enough food and a warm bed and blankets. And you never ever hit us. This is more than a lot of other children have nowadays and I want to thank you for that now.
When I was in trouble during my 2 1/2 years in Germany, you send me my mom to comfort me. Maybe you did the best you could with 3stepchildren and we tried to do our best as well. Maybe this was not enough sometimes, for me, for you. But nevertheless it was the best we could at that stage.
So here again I want to thank you for everything you did for us in the past and I want to let the bad memories rest.
I wish you and my mom all the best for the second start. Look after her nicely as she is the best mom ever…..
I am so sorry that your mom died and you never had a chance to see her again. I only have good memories of her….

Love Claudia

Whenever I had to visit my doctor after Matthias died, he said that I should try and ask Jesus for help, for answers and he said he will pray for me and my family. A year later, I met a wonderful colleague at work and after a few weeks I found out, that she belongs to the same church as my doctor. Recently, after I had back problems and needed physiotherapy, the lady send me an SMS after my first session, that she wants to pray with me for healing. When I went to her again she took my hand and started praying for me and my family. She also belongs to the same church as the other two beautiful people. I do believe in God and the angels, but never was a keen church goer. My colleague invited me to come with her to church one day and I will go with her in time. She also gave me a bible as a gift. They all belong to the Agape church. I am actually Roman Catholic. But what I have read and heard about this church and people is wonderful. I started praying to Jesus to help me, to come into my heart and I am feeling better than ever now. All the modern holistic books I have read actually reflect the words we can find in the bible. And a lot of positive proverbs and saying do also. No matter how we call it, God, Jesus, angels,and all the different names of other religions, fact is there is a higher power, the universe whatever. And if we believe in it, we will feel better, we feel save, we feel appreciated, we feel good.
We feel loved.
First of all you have to forgive yourself, start loving yourself and the rest will come to you like magic.
Stop your karma now by forgiveness. Be grateful for every little thing in your life. Have compassion for others. Do how you want to be done upon yourself.
I hope, no I know that I stopped the , no I turned the circle of life into the right direction by writing this post, at least what my family concerns and this I have learned by the spirit of Matthias.
As I have said before, these words are hovering in my mind for a long time and whenever I thought about writing this post, I got a sign from him.
A few weeks ago on a Saturday, when I came outside a white dove was sitting in our drive way. When I went inside to get the camera it was sitting in a tree nearby and stayed there for a few days. A few days later it was there again. And even at work in kindergarten the white dove flew over the playground one day, when I was upset.

Yesterday when I was thinking about to write this post, a tiny little feather was twirling before me for a minute or so, before it landed next to me on the floor. I picked it up and put it in the cellophane bag of my cigarette box, but unfortunately I threw the packed away, before I could take a photo and save it into my little treasure box with all the signs from heaven. Maybe I can get it out later, if it is not so far down into the garbage already and make a photo for you.

Photo1680 Photo1682picked it out with a braai tong

So I will look into my heart now for my higher self, for Jesus, for Matthias, whenever I feel all the monkeys are bothering me again(not my monkeys not my circus) to find my balance again, my peace, myself and let the ego disappear and only find love and compassion for me and for all people concerned for the highest good of all.


Amen, Namaste

Love and light

I haven’t read the post through again, so if it is a little bit deurmekaar or got writing errors in it, please forgive.